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KinChip Systems designs, develops and markets intelligent technology products solving real world problems globally. Our products integrate state of the art psychological, sociological, biological and technical innovations, providing meaningful insights that empower users, whether the users are families, health professionals, researchers or others.

Creating Insights

Integrating state of the art psychological, sociological, biological and technical innovations to deliver key insights that empower users to make a difference. 

Empowering People

Putting our users in control. Empowering them to use their own data – when they need it and how they want it – enabling meaningful use of technology. 

Partnering for Impact

Collaborating with select researchers, bringing together the resources required to develop new technologies to improve quality of life.


KinChip Systems has senior leadership capabilities across corporate, operations, sales & marketing, product management, technology commercialisation, and specialist expertise in psychology and software product innovation.

Cath Resnick

Cath Resnick

Founder | Managing Director View Details
Gry Stene

Gry Stene

Founder | Product and Technology View Details
Cath Resnick

Cath Resnick

Founder | Managing Director

Cath brings a wealth of experience to KinChip Systems including a background in strategy, negotiation, marketing and the development of operational systems and processes. With entrepreneurial flair, she has successfully established businesses and social enterprises in industries such as engineering/construction, finance, training and health.

Cath is recognised as a leading psychological strategist. She is sought after by private, high growth and multi-generational family businesses where she has provided strategic planning, governance, succession planning, consumer insight, performance management and philanthropic advisory. Her clients include Essense of Australia, Biosymm, Roads 2000 and Family Business Australia, spanning industries as diverse as digital marketing, building services, logistics, design manufacture, professional services and industry associations.

As a business leader, Cath excels at managing profitability and performance through periods of rapid growth and change. She is adept at identifying future trends and market gaps, developing new revenue streams and positioning organisations at the forefront of their respective industries, globally. Cath also has a professional background as a Clinical Psychotherapist, was a Director and Faculty Member of The Churchill Clinic (Inc.) and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Within the community sector, Cath has held senior executive and Board positions in the areas of mental health, youth, disability and education. A dedicated advocate for youth, early intervention and mentorship, she established ‘The Dungeon’ youth drop in centre in 1999, which rapidly became a model for Perth’s youth service community (and remains so) culminating in a national award.

With a vision to create enterprise models that deliver social impact alongside financial returns, Cath is passionate about the promise that emerging technologies bring to health, education and the global community.

Gry Stene

Gry Stene

Founder | Product and Technology

With an enthusiasm to deliver positive social outcomes and a love for technology, Gry is always looking for opportunities to apply her experience in software development for the better good. At major global players Control Data, Oracle and Gemcom, Gry seized the opportunity to implement new products, a passion she has kept throughout her career.

Gry’s technical expertise, market and user focus paired with sound project management has been core to taking ideas from concept to product and delivering innovative technology solutions to organisations like AMCOR, Foster’s Group, HIC, Gateway Computers, COSCO, WWL, Newmont, Rio Tinto and DeBeers.

Key to delivering value to customers is the need to combine data and information from a multitude of sources. Gry has immersed herself in the world of systems integration and interoperability for the past 20 years, delivering both products and bespoke solutions.

A change facilitator, Gry has been instrumental in streamlining organisations for software innovation and development. She initiated, motivated and lead multicultural, cross-disciplinary teams across countries, designing and developing commercial products. Gry believes user experience is key and practises agile and lean UX / startup principles.

Gry is an MBA graduate from UWA, supplementing her technical skills and expertise and making her well poised to lead KinChip Systems’ product and technology programs. She is actively engaged in the tech startup and ICT communities both in Australia and globally. To share and empower, Gry has been mentoring for a number of years. She is currently part of the core team at Just Start IT a program that teaches innovation and entrepreneurship in high schools.

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Kindom™ - Shaping the Future of Child Development

KinChip System’s lead product, Kindom™, links health, education and social services with parents to deliver better outcomes for children. For more information and stories related to Kindom™, please see our  Kindom™ product website.


Kindom™ aims to provide a multidisciplinary approach to enrich and support the child’s strengths and weaknesses. In particular, Kindom™ supports early diagnosis and best fit interventions through proprietary cognitive technologies that integrate qualified and relevant information, provide predictive analytics, augment parental decision support and manage collaborations with Healthcare, Childcare and Education service providers. 


KinChip Systems seeks to collaborate with renowned child health research institutes, genomic, education, child care and technology providers to provide avenues for research translation into the community, make quality child development and health knowledge accessible in homes, discover biological mechanisms underlying cognitive and developmental differences in children, and fund the development of new diagnostic, therapeutic and educational products.


Using Kindom™ parents can collect real time and longitudinal biological, medical, psychological, social and educational information of their children’s development, identify gaps and strengths, enlist the children in their own development, find qualified and relevant information sources, and communicate and share specific information with education and health service providers. Kindom™ augments parents’ and caregivers’ ability to gain an overview and meaningful insights into the developmental and experiential journeys of each family member over time and how they interrelate with each other.


Meaningful technology empowered by KinChip Systems

We design, develop and market intelligent technology products solving real world problems globally.